Milan Fashion Week brand runway

For many years, Milan Fashion Week has been the premier event for luxury fashion brands to showcase their latest collections and create buzz around their label.
With hundreds of shows and thousands of attendees, it is one of the most important events in the industry.

• We help fashion labels make the most of this amazing opportunity by developing strategies and managing all aspects of their Milan Fashion Week presence. This includes helping with official schedule applications, planning show concepts, creating press releases, maintaining public relations, and providing resource development solutions.

• Our experienced team will provide comprehensive support throughout each step in the process so that your brand can have a successful showing at Milan Fashion Week.
• Our goal is simple: To give your brand an unforgettable presence at Milan Fashion Week so that you can reach new heights for success.

Research Resources

Our Research Resources service enables designers from all over the world to establish their own design center in Milan with access to Italy’s top talent. We provide organizations an industry-leading international chain of resources and services, such as trend analysis, product development, production optimization and content creation – ultimately driving global market growth.

Educational programs

At our organization, we strive to provide innovative programs in fashion and design that tackle pressing issues. Our workshops and master classes are tailored specifically to participant needs while providing cutting-edge insights into the industry’s current challenges–allowing them to confidently create solutions for a brighter future! We also collaborate with institutions as well as companies, establishing beneficial partnerships along the way.